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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Changi Airport (Part 3 - Five Airports in Two Weeks)

This airport is a botanical garden first, an airport next!!!!

As a garden designer and plant collector, I could not help but rave about how gorgeous this airport in Singapore is.  I would just let the photos speak of the beauty of the place which is a tribute to the green-sensitivity of the people behind it.

The luggage carousels were decorated with very neat looking indoor plants and some Christmas decorations that reflect the season at the time of my trip
Blooming orchids occupy small spaces all over the airport

A lot of people doing garden maintenance are from other Southeast Asian countries, the Philippines included.  It is not surprising to see this typical "bahay kubo" or nipa hut inspired display.  The designer must have been filipino.

The Main Lounge which featured some very nice Duty Free shops also featured some landscaped areas that one would normally expect to see in garden shows or botanical garden displays.

A display of blooming orchids which included phalaenopsis, dendrobiums, and oncidiums.

The designers of the airport must have really intended to package this airport as a greenhouse especially with the high glass roofs that allow maximum space and light penetration.  The amount of space devoted to plants is admirable considering how premium space is in a place like Singapore.

Palms are growing so well in this area with its almost greenhouse conditions.  Live specimens grow luxuriantly, in contrast to most indoorscapes of this scale where artificial palms (and trees) would have been used instead.

Plants have been wisely selected for their adaptability to the special growing conditions that the area offered.  Shade loving palms were used for most areas while aglaonemas, marantas, diffenbachias, all known for their low light tolerance and hardiness were planted in beautiful masses under the very tall palms.

Just the size of the planted walls above make the strongest message to any visitor that in Singapore, plants are valued and appreciated.

Truly, Changi deserves all the accolades it has been receiving as one of the best airports in the world.


  1. Hi! I really enjoy your blog! I hope when they re-do NAIA 1 they willl incorporate indoor gardens and allocate more space for it than just lame plant boxes on the side of a hallway. Seeing greens inside would do wonders to help make airports less stressful and hectic!

  2. Hi, can you recommend any books about Philippine plants for a novice gardener? I'd like to learn about what plants are good for home gardens and how to care for them. Thank you! :)

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