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Monday, October 25, 2010

Taiwan Flora Expo 2010, Update on the Philippine Exhibit

Since I left Taipei two weeks ago, much has already been done towards completion of the Philippine exhibit.  Thanks to photos taken by our very able interpreter, Enteng, I can have a pretty good idea of how the exhibit looks. 

The bell tower has been dressed up almost completely.  The bromeliads have been arranged with the other ornamental plants.  The crew as shown in the picture was in the process of installing the grass even if it was drizzling.  It surely was not the best time to make an outdoor exhibit and I must give it to the crew that they have been making good progress despite the bad weather.

The perimeter of the exhibit will showcase six of the most exciting destinations in the Philippines.  Here, one of the windows shows Boracay.  Ornamental plants are being arranged already along the perimeter line.

The Banaue Rice Terraces in one of the windows.

The photographs were taken October 24, two days away from the original target.  I was told that work has been extended until the 27th due to the inclement weather that has been bugging Taipei for the past few days.  

I am crossing my fingers that they will meet the deadline.  The Expo officially opens on November 4, hopefully with an exhibit that will make filipinos proud.

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