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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Taiwan's Gems: Phalaenopsis Orchids, Part 4 (Final)

A very close friend who is very much into the horticulture scene in the Philippines and who has been keenly following my posts have asked me why I am posting plants that are grown in other countries as well as gardens  that I see in my travels abroad.

He wondered whether I was stepping out of bounds as far as the intent of my blog is concerned, what with the title, Philippine Gardener.

So, before I complete my series on Taiwan phalaenopsis, let me share what I explained to my concerned friend.  Just in case someone who would read this blog would be similarly inclined as my friend, this is the reasons why one would find posts on plants grown or gardens in countries outside the Philippines (in addition of course to those that are local grown):

1.  Horticulture just like most things nowadays is becoming more and more global.  If gardening in our country is to remain vibrant, it must remain economically viable and that means being able to hold our own as against other countries that are recognized as leaders in world horticulture.

2.  Beauty knows no national boundaries and benefits from diversity.  By always testing the limits, learning from others outside one's comfort zone, integrating new experiences into how one sees the world, one's aesthetic appreciation is deepened.

3.  While others may be lost permanently as they pursue a journey outside of what they were born with, those who are able to integrate the new lessons learned from outside to what they started out with become even more appreciative of their origin.

And please excuse the philosophical ramblings.

So here are the last of the phalaenopsis photographs.  These will focus on two interesting colors:  yellows and reds.

The Yellow Phalaenopsis

Yellows come in the palest to very brightest shade, just like the pinks.  They may range in size from the smallest to slightly bigger than medium size.  

They may also have other color pigments thrown in for interest as in the case of the pink blush that is present in the petals and sepals of this flower, in addition of course to the dark pink lip also called red lip.

Typical medium sized white or pink but this time in yellow

Light yellow color with partly orange lip

Yellow with pink spots and red-lip

Clear, rich yellow-green with dark maroon red and white lip

Yellow base with red spots and pink lips

Yellow with big red spots
Red Phalaenopsis

While there were a number of beautiful reds that I have seen and photographed, unfortunately, only these two turned out well.  This is not to say that these two are not worth much.  On the contrary, both are very beautiful. 

Just like some of the other colors that are still being developed, the flower sizes, shape and color may further be improved.  Also, the number of flowers per spike can stand a lot of improvement especially if this will be compared to the more developed whites and pinks.

Dazzing deep red color

Visually a red but it seems like a yellow with full red spotting to look almost red

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